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Breakfast - served 9-11.30am

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon  £9.95
Scrambled local free range eggs topped with crispy streaky bacon on a slice of toasted sourdough
Scrambled Eggs with Salmon £9.95
Scrambled free range local eggs topped with smoked salmon & sprinkled with dill
Truffled Eggs £9.95
Scrambled free range local eggs drizzled with white truffle oil & sprinkled with chives
Avocado on Toast £7.50
A thick slice of sourdough toast topped with
crushed avocado & olive oil - then add...
Tomatoes with red onion and herbs £2.00
Feta £2.00
Prosciutto £2.00
Smoked Salmon £2.50
Crispy Bacon £2.00
Poached Egg £1.50

Baked Eggs

Eggs Florentine

Baked egg with fresh spinach, cream, cheddar cheese, Dijon mustard & fresh nutmeg, served with toasted sourdough £9.95


A classic North African breakfast dish; of bell peppers baked with tomato, onion, garlic, warm spices & topped with a poached egg served with sourdough

(add feta cheese for £1.50) £9.95

Croque Madam

Baked egg with Italian prosciutto, cheddar cheese, cream Dijon mustard & fresh nutmeg served with toasted sourdough £9.95

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Menu: About
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Lighter Breakfasts

Freshly Baked Pastries £2.95

croissants, pain au chocolat, pain au raisin, Portuguese Pastel de Nata

Filled Croissants 

Cheese £4.95/ Ham & Cheese £5.95/ Salami & Swiss Cheese £5.95 / Jam & Butter £4.50

Large Sticky Cinnamon Bun £4.50

Pan con Tomate £6.50

Grated tomatoes on sourdough toast with extra virgin olive oil & sea salt

Catalana £7.95

Grated tomatoes on sourdough toast with olive oil & sea salt, topped with Jamon Serrano

Sourdough Toast with...

ocal strawberry jam or marmalade £5.50

Artisan Cornish peanut butter £6.50

Kimchi Toast £10.95

Crushed avocado on a thick slick of sourdough toast with artisan kimchi, poached egg, spring onions & soy sauce

Hummus Toast £8.95

Topped with hummus, crushed avocado, fresh tomato, red onion, herbs & toasted seeds (vegan)

Menu: About

Lunch - served from 12-3pm

Toasted Sourdough Sandwiches

New York Deli £9.95
Pastrami, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard & dill pickles
Ham & Raclette £10.95
House roasted gammon ham, melted Raclette & Swiss cheese & Dijon mustard
Cheese & Onion Marmalade £8.95
Mature cheddar cheese & caramelised onion marmalade (can be vegan)
Middle Eastern Mezze £8.50
Housemade slaw, hummus & falafel (vegan)
Kimcheese £10.95
Artisan kimchi with melted mature cheddar cheese (can be vegan)
Ham & Cheese £8.50
House roasted ham with melted mature cheddar cheese
Tuna Melt £9.95
Tuna, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard with spring onions and melted cheddar cheese
Roasted Veg Melt £8.95
Mediterranean roasted veg with pesto and mozzarella
Salami Melt £9.95
Sliced Italian salami with dill pickles, & melted Swiss cheese

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Deli Lunches & Boards

Cheese & Ham Ploughman's £11.95
House roasted gammon ham, a chunk of mature cheddar, artisan chutney, pickled onions, Garlic Farm piccalilli, cherry tomatoes, fresh fruit, gerkins & sourdough
Antipasti Board £11.95
Sliced Italian/ Spanish charcuterie, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, pickles, capers, pesto, marinated olives, extra virgin olive oil & sourdough
Isle of Wight Cheese Board £12.95
Wedges of Isle of Wight Soft, Blue and Gallybagger served with artisan chutney, pickled onions, Garlic Farm piccalilli, cherry tomatoes, fresh fruit, pickles & sourdough.
Mini Pickle & Dill Board £14.95
A selection of hand-cut deli meats and cheeses from the counter served with crackers, chutney, IOW Garlic Farm piccalilli, marinated olives, pickles, fresh fruit, cherry tomatoes & sourdough
Mezze Bowl £10.50
A healthy tasty bowl of mixed deli salads, za’atar slaw, vine leaf, falafel, housemade hummus, roasted veg, toasted seeds & marinated olives & served with sourdough (vegan friendly)
Soup of the Day 
Housemade seasonal soup - see specials board for today’s choice served with
sourdough £7.50
1/2 cheese toastie £10.50
a whole cheese toastie £12.50
Quiche of the Day £8.50
Housemade quiche served with a trio of deli salads, see specials board for today’s choice
Bowl for the Soul £9.50
A hearty bowl served with sourdough - see specials board for today’s choice

Menu: About

Sourdough Bruschettas

A thick slice of local artisan sourdough topped with....

Classic Bruschetta £8.50

Rubbed with garlic, topped with tomatoes mixed with olive oil, sea salt & fresh basil drizzled with balsamic

Add Prosciutto £2.00

Add Feta £2.00

Goats Cheese & Walnut Bruschetta £8.95

Grilled goats cheese topped with walnuts, honey & fresh thyme

Kimchi Bruschetta £9.95

Artisan kimchi with tomato, sesame oil, spring onion & soy sauce

Special Additions

House Marinated Olives £4.50

Artisan Kimchi £4.50

Housemade hummus & Sourdough £5.50

Bread & Oil £3.50

Pan con Tomate £4.50

Artisan kimchi with tomato, sesame oil, spring onion & soy sauce

Menu: About
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